Welcome Friend!



Thank you for stopping by this place of peace.

This place where you can find your keys,

laundry is put away,

and you can enjoy a cup of cocoa.

Or maybe a sweet tea.

A place where you can invite a friend into your home

for it is a place of rest,

a place of comfort.

Can I be real now?

Let me tell you, it wasn’t always like this…this sense of peace.  And there are days when it still isn’t, but I am trying.  Hoping, planning, and making baby steps and little by little, I am hoping it can be…

a place of Clutter Free Simplicity.

But usually my laundry still isn’t done, but at least it isn’t always on the floor.  Well, at least it isn’t right at the front door anymore.

But like I said, I am trying.  With four blessedly creative kids and a builder hubby, I try everyday.all.day.long.


So come and and join in this journey of decluttering your home.

And your heart.

We are in this together…

Please come in…